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Microsoft Email Exchange Hosting

Desktop Access
Email exchange allows you to manage all your emails, tasks, contacts, calendars in one central location unlocking all the features and functionality of Outlook.

Mobile Access
Send and receive emails view tasks, contacts, calendars on the move using your mobile iPhone, Blackberry or any smart phone with instant updates to your desktop.

Web Access
Log in to Outlook web mail using any web browser and instantly check your email, tasks, contacts, and calendar with instant updates to your desktop.

  Exchange Emails
$15 per month

 ● 1 Main Email Account
 ● Multiple Email forwards
 ● 25GB Data Limit
 ● Unlimited Data Transfer
 ● Desktop Access
 ● Web Access
 ● iPhone / Andriod Compaitbility
 ● Spam & Virus Protection
 ● FREE Backup MX

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I would suggest using as many of All IN IT services as possible for an integrated and streamline total package that in the long run will be beneficial to all parties involved.
W Elbaf, SydneyBest
Having used the services of many different registrars around the world, All IN IT cuts it with the best in terms of depth and quality of services whilst retaining very competitive pricing.
T Babera , Dolcidoro
Thank you very much. You are always a great help and very fast at it! It is refreshing to be able to communicate with a business representative who is swift and provides hassle free resolutions to any problems.
A Zanetti, Ahiida
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